Drill pipe make up torque

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Gotv free to airApr 19, 2016 · Drill pipe connections are mechanically designed to be made up to a certain torque upon assembly. Table 1 shows the makeup torque for two of the most common maxi rig drill pipe connections. Once the proper makeup torque is reached, the threads will remain in tension and the connection will effectively cease to move while drilling or reaming. TEXAS STEEL CONVERSION, INC., (“TSC”), a leading provider of OCTG Processing and Manufacturer of Drill Pipe, is pleased to announce that we have acquired some of the business assets of Superior Drillpipe Manufacturing, Inc. (“Superior”) based in Houston, Texas.

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make-up torques can be excessive, at times surpassing the capacity of the rig equipment. Design parameters must be balanced to reduce the make-up torque and improve hydraulic performance. The TurboTorque™ product line is composed of four distinct design configurations, optimized to best meet the design objectives specific to each pipe size. Cell physiology exam 1XT connections facilitate the use of larger drill pipe in a set hole size, such as 5⅞ in. drill pipe with XT 57 in an 8½ in. hole size. This provides improved hydraulic efficiency, better hole cleaning, and greater buckling strength without compromising torsional strength or fishability.

intermediate-weight drill stem component is the Heavy Weight Drill Pipe. To make this drill pipe useful in several various applications, the Heavy Weight Drill Pipe is available in standard and spiraled. To improve tube life, reduce hole drag and di˜erential sticking challenges, standard heavy weight utilizes a center upset or wear pad.

The making-up process of the premium connections for oil or gas wells is generally controlled by the recommended make-up torque. In order to determine the recommended torque, an analysis method for the make-up torque with short computing time and good accuracy is required.

Drill Pipe Performance Sheet 6.625'' x 4.000'' Delta 544 ... elevator shoulder OD increases elevator capacity without affecting make-up torque.

Max. Make-Up Torque ft-lbs 22,200 Min. Make-up Torque ft-lbs 12,400 Balanced OD in 4.992 Premium properties are calcultated based on uniform Outside Diameter and Wall Thickness Torque performances are calculated with coefficient of friction factor , 0.08. API recommends a torstional ratio of 0.8 or greater

61/8 12000 17000 61/4 15000 20000 15000 20000 15000 20000 15000 20000 12000 17000 61/2 19000 25000 12000 17000 63/4 22500 30000 19000 25000 12000 17000 7 24500 33000 22500 30000 19000 25000 12000 17000

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